By Ian Berger, JD
IRA Analyst


Hi Ed,

If a person takes that 100k distribution, can they elect to split evenly in 2020-2022 as income? Or can they determine how to apply the income?



Hi Shannon,

Those persons who qualify for up to $100,000 of 2020 coronavirus-related distribution (not everyone does) can spread out income evenly over their 2020-2022 tax returns. Or, they can choose to have all of it treated as 2020 income. No other choices are available.


Under the SECURE Act, are children of the deceased required to change to the 10-year rule after reaching age of majority? I’m reading conflicting information on this. It was my understanding that because they are an eligible designated beneficiary (EDB), they get the benefit of lifetime RMDs.

Also, are Non-EDB’s required to take yearly RMD’s? If yes, how are these calculated since they are not using the Life Expectancy Table?

Thanks for the insight!



Hi Brenda,

Even though minor children are EDBs, they can use the stretch only until they reach the age of majority (or, until age 26 if still in school). At that point, they are no longer EDBs and must switch to the 10-year payment rule.

The 10-year rule is satisfied as long as Non-EDBs (e.g., adult children or grandchildren) receive the entire account by the December 31 of the tenth year following the year of the original owner’s death. No annual RMDs during the 10 years are required.